Ludum Dare #38 Entry

Sling Ship: Search For A Small World:

Is a about an small exploration space-ship from Earth (our Small World), that was sucked into a black whole on an expedition. With limited power, and only a tractor beam to assist in the journey, the ship and crew must jump between black holes in hopes of making their way back home.


  • 6 levels with open ended solutions
  • Utilize your tractor beam, and the gravity of planets to make your way across each level
  • Your ship will be destroyed if you crash into any planets/asteroids
  • You can tractor beam planets but not asteroids (there's 3 asteroids in the first level)
  • Game Over if you go outside the play space (unless you're currently latched to a planet)
  • Time is limited (Game Over for that level if it reaches zero)
  • Beam is limited (But no auto-loss if you run out)
  • NOTE: I ensured I was able to pass each level before saving (some are pretty easy, some pretty tough)


Mouse-Click/Tap once to fire tractor beam at a planet


  • Think about different level designs based on how the planets react
  • Create a level editor
  • Improve the position of the Tractor Beam (on moving planets I attached to centre rather than exterior of planet)
  • Improve sound
  • Implement Score after each level (maybe based on Time Left + Tractor Beam left)
  • Create a high score system
  • Improve the UI (minimalist maybe)
  • Improve how the game looks on mobile (all the UI is very small)

About Me (brief):

I've been playing around with Unity in my spare time for the last 6 months or so. This is my first ever 'complete' game, and I'm proud to have done it in just over 48 hours. This was a challenge, and I found that just getting rolling was one of the hardest parts. I actually started developing two different games through the 48 hours, and what they had in common was utilizing gravity and joint/rope physics. I'm very happy with the result, and hope you enjoy!

Published Apr 25, 2017
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tagshard, indie, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 38, Physics, pixel, Short, Space, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare

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